About Us

Adam McClure has always been a people-watcher, and when he reached high school he realized he had developed observational skills that would be a great match for a career as a photographer. Not particularly interested in the corporate world or staying still all day long, he soon realized he would need a job that took him to unique places and give him unique opportunities to observe and capture.

Adam got his degree in photography in 2004 from Ohio State University. Supporting himself after college as a freelance assignment photographer for several local publications, he started Adam McClure Photography on the side.

In 2013, something very important happened in Adam’s life. He met Nicole, who was fortunately unemployed after working office jobs for most of her career. Realizing he could get more assignments if he was better organized, he asked Nicole to help him by working as his booking agent on commission. Before long, she was a permanent part of his business and his life. They were married in 2014.

By 2015, he was getting 25 to 30 wedding assignments per year and some additional portrait and special photography projects, so he gave up the time-consuming work of newspaper and magazine photojournalism for full-time wedding photography. Adam was finally realizing his dreams.

And Nicole realized something too: Never having had a passion in her life other than Adam, she found that she was a pretty good photographer. Adam discovered that her unique way of getting close to people made her an excellent companion on every shoot, so they now work all jobs together.

Adam McClure Photography is one man’s lifelong passion and one woman’s found passion. This team is available for your wedding and for other events as well – always working to capture clients as they really are. What more could you want from an Ohio wedding photographer?